• Sarah Perez

    “Advancing the technology behind the display of the weather.”

  • Jennifer Allen

    “A great concept and one that’s certainly quite original to the weather app world.”

  • Jaymar Cabebe

    “A unique take on weather forecasts.”

  • Christine Chan

    “Minutely makes it easy to view the weather at-a-glance”

  • Mohsin Alee
    Ultra Infoz

    “Accurate weather reporting. Clear and smooth interface. Definitely worth a download.”

  • Allyson Kazmucha

    “With crowdsourced data from Minutely users, weather forecasts and current conditions can be more fine-tuned and drilled down to more specific areas.”

9-Day forecast

7-day forecasts are so 90's. Minutely gives you a 2-day preview upfront and then the following 7 days if you need them.

Sunrise and sunset times

For any vampires using the app, you really need to know this kind of thing. It's pretty helpful for humans too. It can be found when you rotate your phone into landscape.

Earn points for your reports

Every time you report the weather, you'll earn points that will move you up on the leaderboard. We'll even give you some little badges at certain milestones.

Moon phase

Teenwolf is out there, so we wanted to make sure you can see what the moon is doing. You'll see this when you're using the app at night.

Coverage area

Minutely has per-minute rain forecasts and radar images for all of Australia and the United States, and general weather info worldwide.

Contact us

Any further questions, feedback or suggestions? Email us on info@ourcast.com - we'd love to hear from you!


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