My insights/actionable items from the podcast

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Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn

  • When it comes to launching a product, imperfect is perfect
  • If you’re not embarrassed by your first product release you released it too late
    • Test real product with real customers
    • Your assumptions are never right
    • Show your work early, show it often
    • Don’t perfect product on your own
  • Tight feedback loop with real customers, using real product
  • Speed makes or breaks you – how quickly you’ll build things users love
  • Mark Zuckberg had a pragmatic reason for why people would use the products he built before Facebook – ideally something urgent eg: fast approaching exam paper
  • Focus on a tiny cohort of users and focus on their needs
  • Release, observe, react
  • Discern what users actually want. They may not always take the lead
  • There’s a gap between what users say and what they actually do
  • People can’t always accurately predict their own tastes or interests

Mark Zuckerberg / Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook

  • Move fast with stable infrastructure
    • Does it break under certain conditions?
    • Embraced by some not others?
    • Used for a different purpose than expected
    • Tolerate some amount of bugs and flaws in the service of moving faster
    • Build better infrastructure to support fast testing
    • Here’s what I built, here’s the data, do we want to expand further?
      • Fail: document lessons learned over time
      • Win: make it part of the base of our offering

  • Facebook strategy: Learn and go as quickly as you can
  • Put things in place that won’t take the site down
  • “Mode of running the company where what the CEO does is high level direction of company is and who the best people are to work on those things, on a day to day basis are “is this going to destroy the company, if not, let them test it”. If a cost of a test isn’t super high, we’re going to learn a lot more by experimenting and exploring things that are worth exploring rather than having a heavy hand in that”