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Moz Whiteboard Friday: Why Visual Assets > Infographics


In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand barracks for the use of of visual assets over popular infographics. He explains the issues with the most infographics and the benefits of visual assets.
Rand controversially admits that he dislikes the majority of infographics. He gives the following reasons for his contrarian stance:

too many low quality infographics
Expensive to produce – […]

Moz Whiteboard Friday: Tips and Tactics for Amplifying Your Content

Ways of Content Amplification
Ben and Brian shows us several ways on how to maximize the reach of your content efforts. Marketing content usually involves a similar process across the board for many out there but if you can get out of that mold, it could get better.
Typical Process

Launch it
Promote it
Hope… Pray… Forget

Effective to an extent […]