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Moz Whiteboard Friday: Handling User-Generated & Manufacturer-Required Duplicate Content Across a Large Number of URLs

In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand talks about a common issue many e-commerce marketers face when user-generated content such as reviews or manufacturer required information means a lot of their websites content pages include mostly duplicate content.
Possible Solutions
1. Create a lot of unique content

Adding a generous amount of your own, unique content to the page that […]

Moz Whiteboard Friday: Building SEO-Focused Pages to Serve Topics & People Rather than Keywords & Rankings

Evolution of SEO-Focused Pages
Rand lays out the evolution of SEO-focused pages from ones that serve keywords and rankings to ones that serve topics and people. 
Classic Technique of Building SEO Pages
SEO was previously all about keyword rankings and this process starts with some keyword research, after which landing pages are created for the researched KWs and […]

Moz Whiteboard Friday: Keyword Targeting, Density, and Cannibalization

Keyword Targeting, Density, and Cannibalization in Light of Google’s Hummingbird
Rand keeps us up to date on the best practices you can do for keyword targeting, density, and cannibalization in light of Google’s Hummingbird.
New Rules
Keyword and Density Targeting

Repetition is a bygone practice (once or twice is OK)
KW density is also old school and is no longer […]