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Moz Whiteboard Friday Summary: Why Effective, Modern SEO Requires Technical, Creative, and Strategic Thinking

Article feedback from Rand: Why Modern SEO Requires Almost No Technical Expertise

Good points from the article

You don’t need to know how to write or read algorithms or need to know how to code in order to do SEO
Better user experience is well correlated with better rankings

Frustrating points from the article:

No acknowledgement that the ability to […]

Moz Whiteboard Friday: Taking Advantage of Google’s Bias Towards Hyper- Fresh Content

Increasingly Google is displaying results for their ‘freshness’ even though the results may not otherwise have the power to rank. This opens up some opportunities for SEOs and to optimise towards this bias. Do this with these tactics:

1. Focus new content on keywords that you are finding fresh results displaying for.

2. Edit existing content to […]

Moz Whiteboard Friday: Why Visual Assets > Infographics


In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand barracks for the use of of visual assets over popular infographics. He explains the issues with the most infographics and the benefits of visual assets.
Rand controversially admits that he dislikes the majority of infographics. He gives the following reasons for his contrarian stance:

too many low quality infographics
Expensive to produce – […]

Moz Whiteboard Friday: How to Move Rankings Up on Older, Existing Content

Sometimes you’ll have content which is older but you need to get ranking. Rand has these 5 tactics to make that happen.
Point More External Links to Your Existing URL
This works better with non-commercial content, as people will probably be more willing to give you the link. Rand suggests the best ways to get these links […]