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This week in Whiteboard Friday, Rand tackles 10 of the big myths that strike terror into the hearts of SEO’s.

  1. Too many links to my site from one domain – if those links aren’t from a dodgy domain (eg. a link directory), this shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Someone’s building spam links to my site – work on building up better, editorially endorsed links. This is more efficient than contacting specific webmasters.

  3. My keyword ‘density’ is too high – unless it IS spam, don’t worry. Provided keywords are integrated naturally, there is no cause for concern.

  4. Other sites are scraping and re-publishing my blog – do not worry, even be a little proud! However, one tip – make sure the links are absolute so they point back to you.

  5. If Google ‘sees’ my analytics, they’ll punish me for low engagement – Google doesn’t get data from specifics sites Google Analytics, but regardless, if users needs are quickly satisfied on your site and this is the reason for low engagement, Google will not penalize this.

  6. This link is ‘reciprocal’, I will be penalised – Again, if it makes sense and it’s not spammy, do not worry.

  7. I’m linking with non-ideal anchor text; bye-bye relevancy – Actually, currently there are rumours that Google is looking at exact match and noticing it isn’t natural.

  8. There are links in my footer; I will be negatively affected – Provided it contributes to a good UX, don’t worry.

  9. Will URLs without keywords prevent my pages from ranking well? It’s great if you can get keywords into your URL, but don’t stress out if not. It can be a big engineering project for a small benefit.

  10. Won’t ‘linkbait’/content marketing eventually get devalued/penalised too? This is simply false. Google and Bing have both stated they like content marketing and the practice of doing good things on the internet.