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In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand goes through what makes a great link and 3 data based methods for finding targets.

Better Links have the following 3 characteristics:

  • Are editorially given – the person running on the website or web page intentionally give you the link because they LIKE you or something you’ve done
  • Are from high quality, trustworthy and trafficked websites
  • You actually have a decent shot at getting the link – Rand suggests you don’t aim for a link from the White House

METHOD 1: Follower Outreach

This is just like when you usually reach out to someone you’d like a link off, but the only difference is, you instead reaching out to a follower. It’s likely they already respect and like you, so they’ll will probably be happy to help you out.

You can use a tool such as Moz’s Followerwonk to find people who follow you on social media, and it will also show if they have a webpage and their domain authority.

METHOD 2: Just Discovered Competition

In Moz’s open site explorer search the sites of direct competitors. You can see where they’ve just recently been mentioned.

Reach out to the sources mentioning them and alert them that you are in a similar space and would like to be included.

METHOD 3: Why You No Link?!

Checkout where your brand has been recently mentioned on the web without a link. You can use Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer to do this by entering a query like “Brand Name”. The fact that you aren’t linked back to is often just the result of oversight. Contact webmasters of the places that didn’t link to you and ask them why they haven’t and if they wouldn’t mind.