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This whiteboard Friday looks at ways of creating marketing strategies not around rank reports, but around the amount of new clients a business needs to achieve the growth they seek.

Dana has devised the following methodology to achieve this:

Ask your client –

1. How much new business can you take on in the next month?

There’s no point getting so much incoming new business that your client doesn’t have the resources to take in the immediate future. So instead, ask how much new business they are able to, and want to take on.

2. How many new calls/walk-ins are you getting per month currently?

3. What is the conversion rate for new enquiries?

From answering the above two questions, you can determine how many new leads you will need to acquire the amount of incoming new business your client is after.

4. What is the conversion rate on unique traffic to your website?

This way you can find the amount of new traffic you will need to get the amount of calls you need to acquire the desired amount of new business.

From answering the above questions, you can calculate the amount of traffic required to bring the number of new customers a business is after.

From this, devise a marketing plan that can achieve the sorts of traffic and exposure the business will require.

Report on leads from the following sources:

  • Organic
  • Referral
  • Direct
  • Paid
  • Social