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Types of ads

  • Marketplace Ads – These ads show up in the sidebar. They’re pretty inexpensive, and you’ll get a small picture and a little bit of text.

  • Premium ads – These ads will show up in people’s newsfeed, and can include videos, polls, events and can be narrowed down to custom audiences.

  • FBX – This is Facebook retargeting.

Getting started with Facebook Advertising

  1. Identify goals – do you want people to buy your product, or are you raising brand awareness?

  2. Set targets – who do you want to market to?

  3. Determine and post content – You may want to use a combination of ad types. If you have content that you want shown to your advertising audience, but not fans and followers, backdate it so that it won’t show up in the main part of your page. For people to find it, they’ll have to scroll down a longer way.

  4. Test and optimise – There will be mistakes at first, but move quickly to rectify them. Check that you’ve set a frequency cap, so that your ads don’t burn out too quickly. When you’re monitoring results, watch for the point where leads start to peak and then drop as impressions increase. That’s the point you want to swap your ad.

  5. Engage and respond – Decide before you begin advertising what your company’s limits are, especially regarding negative comments. If you use premium advertising, you probably will get some negative comments, because a lot of people don’t like advertising. See if there is a way to use your community team to turn the negative comments into opportunities.