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Danny Dover and Jen Lopez premiere in Whiteboard Friday this week, to talk you through the 5 areas that they commonly see SEO mistakes made.

Bot blocking

Make sure that you’re not using Robots.txt and evaporating the link juice flowing to a page you don’t want indexed. Instead, use noindex.follow to keep that link juice in the system.


As well as keeping your clients happy, you must also court the linkerati – those people who will link to you. Write blogs, comment on others and get your widgets out there!

Top Pages

Use this tool to check for 302’s and 404’s. Then you can fix them straight away!

Conversion Rate

It doesn’t matter how great you are at SEO if it doesn’t translate into conversions. To help this, follow the SEO pyramid. Begin with a strong base by creating accessible, quality content and work your way up through keywords and link building to social marketing.


One of the big problems on the internet is that content is available on different URLs. Try to make sure that all your content is available on the one URL.