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Today, Rand explains just a couple of the many ways you can use Fresh Web Explorer, SEOMoz’s exciting new tool! Remember, there are many more ways it can be used than a single Whiteboard Friday can hope to cover, so play around.

Opportunities for press and blog coverage/links

  • Links to competitors – who is pointing to my competitors?

  • Links to industry sites – who is covering my space and can I reach out to them?

  • Mentions of industry terms – find sources talking about things relevant to your brand, with the possibility of a brand mention.

  • Mentions of competitors brands – especially if the source is ethically balanced, this is an opportunity to get your brand mentioned.

  • Mentions of industry brands – find people relevant to your brand but aren’t necessarily your competitor.

Discovering content opportunities

  • Curate and aggregate the “best of” – find the best information to share with your audience

  • Discover information to share with your audience

  • Find best times to share opposed to saturation points – share information when it’s hot, not when the market on that information has been done to death.

Track fresh brand and link growth vs competitors

  • Use CSV Export to filter and report on high vs low Feed Authority. Also use metrics like Page Authority.

Find fresh sources that link to or mention 2 or more competitors but don’t mention you

  • Once found, contact the author and mention that next time they cover your industry, it would be great if they mentioned you.

Compare sources’ coverage

  • Discover which sources have more coverage of specific topics, and whether it is saturated or not.

Report links and mentions to your managers/teams/clients

  • Fresh Web Explorer can show how terms, phrases and links are doing over a time period for reporting.