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As the world and the sophistication of SEO is changing, SEOs now often end up doing a lot more writing. This may be outside some SEO’s comfort zone. Never fear though, Erica has these 8 tips that will help you look like a pro:

  • Identify your ‘why’ – what’s the purpose of the piece?

  • Find your voice or style – a unique tone to add personality to your writing.

  • Read it aloud – you may pick up on errors you may otherwise not have noticed.

  • Put it aside – if you get writers block, put it aside and come back to it at a later date if possible.

  • Ask a friend or editor to read over your work.

  • Use active voice – talk in the present tense to increase excitement and engagement of your readers.

  • Vary your sentence length – keeps your writing interesting.

  • Learn to diagram sentences – identify the verb, the subject and the object in your sentences. If you understand this, it may help you understand why some of your sentences are grammatically incorrect.