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Slide presentations can become very boring very quickly if not done correctly. Below are the rules Rand suggests following to fully utilize the medium to create an engaging slide presentation:

  • Show don’t tell – avoid using text, make the slides visual.

  • Bullet points kill kittens – slides of bullet points can become very boring, very quickly. Instead, turn your bullet points into separate visual resources.

  • Create a narrative – have a loss, a journey, a test and a return. This engages the audience.

  • Target your content to the audience – what are they curious about? What level of knowledge of the topic does the audience have? Aim for at least 20% of your slide presentation being new information to the audience.

  • Format slides intelligently – consistent slide formatting and design, use titled slides to break bring your presentation into a new ‘section’,  use tracking urls for each slide and a simple url for the whole slideshow.

  • Engage with the audience’s emotions

  • Humour; If you’re not funny by nature, Rand suggests incorporating funny images into your presentation to be funny for you.

  • Common Enemy; humans bond better over things they dislike often more than they bond over things they like.  These can be bad habits or institutional roadblocks.

  • Make your presentation ‘actionable’ over ‘interesting’ – this works particularly well for educational presentations. When the audience realizes something they can ‘do’, they are far more engaged.

  • leverage multimedia