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This week, Rand has 8 handy hints for you to get more links.

  1. Your Writing – Use a search in Google like ‘guest blogger/post’ to find blogs to target

  2. Your Videos – Wistia and Vimeo embed codes point back to your site.

  3. Your Product or Services – Be careful of asking for a direct link in return, use these as a way to build a relationship rather than a purely transactional approach

  4. Your Time – Help people out with things you’re good at.

  5. Your Contact Details – If these are easy to find and you make yourself approachable, it will help you reach out to more people and potential links.

  6. Your Photos – Make sure anyone using your photos online links them back to you. Use the ‘similar images’ function on Google Images to find where your image is being used on the web.

  7. Your Full RSS Feed – Use absolute links so they point back to you when shared.

  8. Your Data – Generates links and also improves your esteem your industry. When doing this, a good strategy to generate links, is reaching out by emailing people who may appreciate your data. Ask whether they’d be interested in/or want access to your data, then send it through. The more communication and time you appear to invest in the link target, the more likely they will be to link to you when you ask.