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This week, Rand discusses some advanced SEO tactics for page optimization.

Semantically connected words and phrases

Employing closely connected terms can help increase relevancy. For example, the words cat and feline are close to each other, whereas cat and canine are less connected.

Block-level optimisation

Search engines can look at individual sections of a web page. For example, do all sections talk about tigers? Do all of the sections on the page pertain to the content of the query/topic/page?

Internal and external links

This is regarding the links on the page. Are links on the page referencing relevant, potentially useful content?

Happiness of visitors to the page

Are visitors:

  • Completing actions

  • Spending more time on the page than on others

  • Returning to the site or page

  • Using +1 or blocking the site

Content uniqueness and formatting

Try to keep your content completely unique. Also, correlational data has shown that provided it’s quality, longer content is better. Don’t forget about using images and other media, and consider the reading level of your target audience.