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In Whiteboard Friday this week, Rand has a checklist for you, when launching your new site.

  • Accessibility – Users and search engines both need to be able to reach all areas of site easily. Also use Google Webmaster Tools or SEOmoz Crawl to check for silly mistakes – 404’s for example.

  • Keyword targeting – Choose the right keywords to target. Do they have high relevance, low difficulty and high search volume?

  • Content quality and value – Use a variety of images, text and videos on your site to increase user engagement. You want people to be satisfied when they leave your site.

  • Design quality, UX and usability – Unless you have a design background, you almost definitely need to hire someone to do this. There is no point in driving people to your site if they then can’t use it. Test this using tools like Five Second Test.

  • Social accounts set up – With SEO and social coming together, Google is showing social signals in the rankings. So if you’re not on this bandwagon, get on it!

  • Link building – Start with business contacts and customers, guest posts and content, high quality resource lists, news media and blogs and so on. Avoid reciprocal link pages, low quality directories and article marketing.