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In this Whiteboard Friday, Danny attempts to answer some hard, some awkward and some silly questions SEO’s are frequently asked.

Why don’t you rank #1 for SEO?

Always an awkward question, and one that is best to be answered as honestly as possible. Provide the reasons which may include the name of your business (if it’s only one word, you only get credit for one word) and the query deserves freshness algorithm which can mean newer pages get ranked higher on Google. Also mention geolocation, personalisation and keywords you’re targeting other than “SEO”.

How can you do SEO if you don’t work for a search engine?

Cite your experience and continuing education and research as reasons, to answer this question. There are many strategies and tactics that work even if you don’t work for a search engine

Is company XYZ a “Google Killer”?

Though it’s impossible to know, it’s likely that companies like Facebook and Bing are not going to kill Google. If something was to kill Google, it will be completely new and different to anything we’ve seen before.

Why don’t I just buy links?

While this might work in some cases, it is not a good long term strategy. The search engines are constantly working on algorithms to combat paid links, so you will likely get caught out sooner or later.

How do I increase my PageRank?

Break it down to explain PageRank. Danny thinks the PageRank you get in the toolbar is not very helpful. However, the exception is that if it’s 0 that means the site either hasn’t been crawled or has a penalty. If the person you’re talking to insists PageRank is important, explain you increase PageRank by earning more links.