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While article marketing is generally a black-hat tactic, it is possible to do it with a white-hat on. Rand discusses this concept in today’s Whiteboard Friday.

The Principle

You write an awesome article, and get it published on a couple of other sites. Those sites are bigger than you, and more people will see your article there. They link back to you, and everything’s peachy, yes? Not quite…

The Problems

  • Producing valuable high quality content is hard work and time consuming.

  • If your articles are good, they’ll attract links to the host site instead of your site.

  • The link may not be hugely valuable or worth the effort.


  • choose sites where you can earn links and branding credit

  • avoid mass submission and SEO-play article sites

  • find sites with good metrics and relevant readership and demographic

  • make sure to put great content on your site too

  • make sure to put great content on your site too