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Rand’s topic this week is article marketing. While good forms of article marketing exist, such as guest blogging or writing, it has generally come to mean one of the dirtiest things of the SEO world. Article marketing  is done by writing a crappy article full of links back to the author’s site, and then publishing it on a bunch of article marketing sites. These can be called different things, like article directories, portals, publishers, or by using article spinning robot software. The goal is to get hundreds of sites linking back to the author’s site with the anchor text from the article.


  • Does Google really want to count those links? No! They rewrite algorithms constantly to stop this.

  • Duplicate content – if you’re submitting content that you want credit for, beware. Some of the sites you submit to may claim it as theirs.

  • Quality/value/trustworthiness of the content – Google is getting smarter about content analysis, and it will be very difficult to get into this with the low quality that’s usually associated with article spinning

  • Opportunity cost – there are better and more cost effective ways to get links.


  • Just do something REAL!