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With the age of Panda upon us, exact match anchor text (the same as your target keywords) is becoming less and less valuable. This week, Cyrus carries us through to look into future strategies beyond exact match anchor text.

Exact Match

This used to be popular. You wanted to get as much exact match anchor text as possible. This stopped working as well as it used to as Google evolved.

Partial Match

Partial match is the most overlooked anchor text links. This is when any anchor text contains at least one of the keyword phrases. People actually seem to rank a little bit higher if they have more partial match than exact match.

Context, Placement and Relevance

What other context signals could Google be looking at? Firstly, the on-page signals of the page that’s giving you the link. If the page is about a similar topic as yours, Google will interpret this and count it. If it looks like a paid ad on an irrelevant page, it won’t count for very much.

The Future of Link Signals

The days of the dumb search engines are over.

  • Google may start using sentiment analysis, where it will try to figure out if reviews are positive or negative.

  • They could also start using author profiling to figure out which authors have more authority.