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This week, Rand has 5 tips for you to improve your blog, both ranking and UX wise.

  • Use structure for your blog. Subfolder is better than subdomain, as subfolders are more likely to retain the authority and trust from the domain than a subdomain.

  • Keep top level links – maybe even add a tab for your blog. Keep it part of the site.

  • Sell your products and services on your blog – Do it subtly and when it’s relevant. Also, try to keep it out of the content section.

  • Spread out good content – rather than keeping all your link-worthy content in the blog, and the corporate content in another part of the site, mix it up a bit. Spread the link love around.

  • Leverage “linkbait” posts – keep it on topic and put any other top level links in that you haven’t already utilised.