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This week, Rand gives you the steps to creating your very own SEO Action Plan! Having an Action Plan is essential in keeping you on top of all the minutiae of SEO.

Step 1: Diagnostics

Check for errors and opportunities in your site.

Step 2: Metrics and Measurement

Measure visits from search engines, look at which pages are receiving traffic and which keywords are sending you traffic, as well as looking at competitive data.

Step 3: Keyword and Content Opportunities

Look at which of your keywords are doing well and which aren’t doing as well, and build content to match. For example, if one keyword isn’t getting you a lot of volume, build content around it.

Step 4: Social, Public Relations and Link Building

Ask yourself:

  • Who do I need to engage?

  • Where should I engage?

  • What can I do to stand out and get noticed?

  • What existing initiatives need SEO help?