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Evolution of SEO-Focused Pages

Rand lays out the evolution of SEO-focused pages from ones that serve keywords and rankings to ones that serve topics and people. 

Classic Technique of Building SEO Pages

SEO was previously all about keyword rankings and this process starts with some keyword research, after which landing pages are created for the researched KWs and links are built to optimize for rankings. The SEO efforts are measured in reference to the rankings, keyword traffic and the quality of the traffic.

Limitations of the Classic Technique

Primarily the main limitation of the classic technique is the lack of consideration for other sources or channels for traffic. There are some missed marketing opportunities like social, content, email etc. because of the single minded focus on just SEO. The second pitfall is that the technique causes overlap for many topics and that means added work and confusion for the users. Keywords used in this technique are not grouped, they perform individually and they do not perform as a group, hence more content is needed as separate keywords often have their very own pages. The final shortcoming has to do with Google’s removal of keyword referral data and measuring success is now almost impossible and at the very least a difficult and laborious task.

The Current Evolved Model for SEO-Focused Pages

SEO is now a collective approach where the individual keyword is no longer relevant but pays more attention to the sites traffic and pages as a whole. Keyword research is still performed in the same way as in the classic technique but the content created for these pages are now set with a group of keywords rather than individual keywords. Supporting pages can later on be added for specific keywords. Links will still be targeted for optimization but additionally the chance for amplification will also be taken advantage of in whatever form or medium and that include links, email, social media, word of mouth, etc. Success is measured with the search traffic to these landing pages.

The changes are in and are here to stay, so do it better and switch from the classic to the evolved model.