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Conditional redirecting

  • The practice of taking a page and serving it as a 301 to Google and showing the content to users.

  • Uses – ad tracking and clip tracking.

  • How to use it – attach a source code to the end of the URL, or have multiple links to the same page or content, each with a different URL. For example, you may be able to click on the title or a link that says read more. You do not want each link in Google’s index. Do a conditional 301 redirect for GoogleBot to end up with just the one permalink in the index.

Detecting the spider

  • User agent detection – preferred as used less than blackhat spammers.

  • IP delivery.

Affiliate use of Conditional Redirection

  • Merchants would like to get the link juice from the affiliate’s link. Here, use a 302 redirect, to not kill the affiliate’s revenue model. The affiliate’s model must be bought in-house.

  • For Googlebot, 301 redirect.

  • For humans, 302 redirect.

How does Google feel about this?

  • They are okay with it if you are trying to avoid duplicate content.