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This week Rand looks at comment marketing with a completely pure intention – far removed from its black/grey hat connotations!

Why comments work

  • Commenters and readers are influencers

  • Earns awareness and attention of the blogger

  • Builds community and inspires reciprocity

  • May lead to a guest posting opportunity


  • Builds awareness, trust and likeability

It doesn’t…

  • Build links directly

  • Build profiles

  • Comment without adding value

Pro Tips

  • Use the same avatar and username across the internet.

  • Don’t be afraid to disagree or critique, but do it respectfully and positively.

  • When sharing a URL, observe blog etiquette. Post with non-live links.

  • Target the right blogs and communities for your industry. Remember, you are not looking directly for your customers.

  • Don’t pimp your products, pimp your content.

  • Don’t use “SEO” or “social media marketer” in your profile if possible.