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When you see sites ranking above yours, you want in on it, right? Looking at who’s linking the sites ranking above you can be a great way to do this. However, there are some pitfalls so Rand addresses some of the complexities and considerations when doing this.

Whose links are you looking at?

Look at the sites links and question their links – do they look spammy, or are they of high quality? Many times, the people ranking in the top 10 only do so short term – meaning up to 6 months.

Are these the links that matter?

Also ask yourself if the links that you see are the ones to credit with high ranking. Use the same scrutiny used in the tip above, only now to assess the links rather than the sites. There are two ways of doing this – does the page rank when a quote from it is searched in Google? Also, who does the page link to – are they good sources?

Page-level vs domain-level metrics

Look for links from sites with high domain authority, regardless of the page rank of the individual page.

Followed/Nofollowed link

Don’t filter out Nofollowed links as there are opportunities presented by these links. Social opportunities and opportunities to interact can be great places for inbound marketing and will lead to good SEO in the future.