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So, you have a great bit of content, congratulations! You want it to be accessible for users in all different formats… single page, multi-page, downloable, print-friendly, etc. If these all exist on different URLs, you may suffer in the SERPs because of the division of links between the versions. This is one of Rand’s solution that you can try.

  • Make the single page URL the single and multi-page URL. The downloadable formats will require a log in or cookie created for access.

  • For pages following the first, make the URL your URL #Chapter 2. This will take you to the following pages, though the hash is eliminated when engines do their indexing. The only problem will be if you don’t have your keywords in the first page of content. To fix this, keep the single page out of the index and use the multi-page version.

For the 3rd Party versions, pre-emptively submit your content before anyone else. Change the title, and optimise it for different keywords that aren’t targeted in the other version. This will lower the keyword competition.