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Corporate blogging is a great way to become a valuable resource in your industry, whilst also getting links and marketing your brand.  Rand has a few tips to get the most out of corporate blogging:

  • Go with a relevant but non-promotional topic – something that relates to your brand that isn’t purely selling it to the reader, but is also a useful resource. Also, promoting other brands on your blog will increase the reader’s trust and make your blog look like a more independent source.

  • Keep the same navigation bar on the blog as is on the main site, to encourage them to explore your site further.

  • Don’t just cover the news, make it – you will get many more links if you become the source of information, data, tools, etc.

  • Build ‘blogosphere’ relationships – most reader’s discover new blogs by following links on other blogs, so building relationships with other bloggers and getting more links is vital.

  • Don’t keyword cannibalize – you don’t want your blog ranking higher than your main site, try to target secondary and tertiary keywords on your blog.