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Crawl side

  • Links – the number and quality of the links. Sitemaps can also make a big difference for some sites.

  • Freshness/updates – if there is new information since the last crawl, GoogleBot will be more likely to crawl more frequently.

  • Feeds – ping the engine saying you have new information up will also increase your crawl rate.

  • Domain importance – having lots of other domains linking to you that are quality makes your site look more important.

  • Viability – accessibility and preventing spider traps.

  • Specified crawl rate – this contributes a small amount to how often your site is crawled.


  • Uniqueness/value – this is assessed through content.

  • Domain importance – more pages will be kept in the index for most important domains

  • Raw link juice – how many links are pointing to the page and how important they are, both internal and external.

  • External links – even just a couple of links will get you indexed, even from smaller domains. It shows that someone thinks the page is useful.

  • Search and traffic volume – these are newer signals, so are probably used on a smaller scale.