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Key questions to help get you started

  1. who’s the target audience?

    • determine who your target audience is and get to understand more about them
  2. what else do they search for?
    • create content to be present in SERPs for other searches
    • target people higher up the funnel before they need yoru product
    • inspirate features to include in your current product
    • this will help you attract the right audience to your website before they actually need your product
  3. Where do they go?
    • where do they go on the web?
    • what do they do when they get there?
    • who are some of their influencers?
    • how can you make your business visible on those sites, profiles etc?
    • from this you can determine
      • your outreach list
      • where to advertise
      • who to develop business deals with
      • where to write guest content
  4. What types of content have achieved broad or viral distribution?
    • this can help identify content and keyword opportunities and sites to target
    • create a new version of old viral content on other sites that was successful a few years ago: modernise it, update it
  5. Should brand advertisement be in our consideration set?
    • you can use brand advertising to create awareness where there isn’t already much search volume
    • consider investing in press and PR