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This week, Rand looks at why small sites with great content have trouble competing with the bigger ones. This can happen even when the bigger sites have seemingly more generic content.

Quality and Value of Information

  • Uniqueness – rather than doing many things a little bit better than competitors, do one thing much better.

  • Excitement – without creating this emotion, people may use your site but not share it.

  • Value – how can your users can use the content you provide? Make it valuable to them and take care with the information you emphasise.

  • Press-worthiness – consider controversy, timeliness and brilliance as ways to bring attention to your site.

User-Generated Content

This is one of the best ways to attract links to your site, as the users will spread your content through spreading their own content.

  • Interface quality – is your site easy for your users to use?

  • Valuable seeding – this draws from the quality and value of information. What content do you want your site to provide? Lead by example.

  • Attraction hook – have something to draw users to your site.

  • “Tipping Point” of users – this is when your reach the point where people want to share and spread the site.

Embeddable Content

  • Interest/Emotional hook – tie people to the content so they want to share it.

  • Easy to share – make it easy for your users to share your content.

  • Desirable to share – provide reasons for people to want to share your content, such as making them look better.

  • Push initially to a wide, viral-receptive audience – these are the people who will share your content and will help you reach a wider audience.