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To be competitive in the SEO industry, providing quality service and building good relationships with your clients is crucial. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses some areas to focus on to make sure this is delivered.


A good reputation can be difficult to build, but invaluable to have.

Providing industry relevant content – written or illustrated, is a way you can build a good reputation in your space. Also participating in your industry more broadly by attending conferences and engaging with social media.

Creating a distinct and positive brand image in person and on the web is also important.


Especially for those starting out, references are something clients want to assure them you’ll do quality work. Make sure you build positive relationships with all clients so they’re willing to provide these. Do some free work for some not for profits if you need to build up your reference base.


Make sure your clients can easily contact you. Provide guarantees for the turn around times on phone calls and email to reassure clients. An important role in consulting is to sometimes just to be there to listen to their clients’ troubles.


Schedule things like meetings. Create expectations and then fulfill them. Implementing processes can help with this.


When making recommendations to clients, increase the quality by taking into account their circumstances, and then advising them of the strategies that are realistically implementable.


This is crucial. Especially when facing problems, trust can help the client and consultant work through problems cooperatively. If you’re not personally someone who is good at building client relationships, get a business partner who is.

The Right Services

Customize your services to each client to provide only what’s relevant and valuable to them.