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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Matt has some tips for you to help target your content at Digg.

  • Comment on stories – Don’t just drop your link, write a quality comment. Also, don’t cross-link to another upcoming story.

  • Don’t write a Top 10 list, they’re not doing well at the moment.

  • If your story is “Hot in [category]”, this is a crucial moment.

  • Don’t have mass referrals from your sites, try and get them from a variety of sources.

  • To see how your story is doing, go to upcoming, then most popular and cloud view.

  • Diggers are sensitive to the environment their content is in, so try to choose a source relevant to your article to publish it.

  • Linkbait and then 301 redirect to your domain, but keep the content the same.

  • Look offline for inspiration, especially in glamour magazines – look at how they sell their data.