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  • Google penalised JCPenney after a search consultant found manipulative and paid links they had used to inflate their ranks. The effect this penalty had is that if you search “JCPenney dresses”, their dresses site doesn’t come up on page 1.

  • One of the big challenges with search is to stop thinking of search as just a way to navigate links across the web.

  • Automatic engines are beginning to fail, searches are starting to introduce conversation modes – like suggested search – to refine searches.

  • Today, classification is a machine learned process. Moving towards standards to help describe things in a more concrete manner. This will help to crawl and parse it correctly.

  • Google accused Bing of cheating, or ‘copying off the test’ through Bing’s clickstream analysis. This is one of thousands of signals Bing uses to calculate PR. While Bing should have provided a warning, this is a bug they can now fix. Bing emphasises that they are using information that customers have opted in to provide them with.

  • For marketers – once you have a high rank organically, continue to make people want to click your link.

  • Bing is now updating Webmaster tools, which are Silverlight based.

  • Bing is also using tiles, a visual indicator from authoritative sites, to help searchers find what they are looking for.