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Local Citations

Mostly, especially if searching off a mobile phone, Google will assume you have a local intent. When you conduct this search, you will receive an organic set of results as well as a “Local OneBox”, with some results and their place on the map. These listings use a different algorithm, made up of different things including structured and unstructured citations. Structured citations are those that are formalised; unstructured are more casual references to the business.

Competitive Queries

Search for businesses that are ranking next to yours, without results from your site. Add to the search –, for example. Look at the “reviews from around the web” section on Google+ Local Pages and “more reviews” on the knowledge base OneBox.

Events, Press, Bios and Beyond

When your business is mentioned on the web, try to include full address, phone and business name, even on social media sites as well as in job ads, press releases and charity support.

Use Broad Categories

Don’t restrict yourself to looking at only the people that rank against your specific business area. For example, rather than just “tax attorney”, also query “attorney”, “lawyer”, “lawyer Seattle” etc. You may find opportunities for citations to move your rankings up.