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Part I

Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics are the measure of a domain or pages’s likelihood of ranking. This is based on their links, link quality and trustworthiness. For example, if your competitor is ranking first and you’re fifth, there are many variables to look at – anchor text, keyword usage etc. However if you’re on par with these factors, look at page authority. If they have a higher page authority, they may have a better link profile and suggest that’s an area your site has to improve.

Link opportunities, buying sites and licensing can also benefit from using domain authority metrics, to predict where best to place content. Page authority can sometimes also be relevant in this context.

So why do these metrics matter?  Page authority represents as many link metrics as possible. It also incorporates number of links and Linking Root Domains.

Part II

Uber is a score that is Moz’s best attempt to match their Page Rank Order to Google’s Rank order. This is based on specific queries. About 70% of what effects search results is link metrics. This is mostly Query Independent Link Metrics. Page Authority and Domain Authority are derived from Query Independent Link Metrics.

All the things that go in Domain Authority are naturally presented in Page Authority, as a page never exists outside a Domain. Page Authority will usually be a better predictor of PageRank than Domain Authority.

These are going to change over time due to 4 factors

  • Improvements to SEOMoz

  • Google changes its algorithms

  • The web can and will change

  • You have changed what you do independent of the web