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The aim of the SEO game is to own all the first 10 results and ads when your brand is searched. These are a few of Danny’s tactics to help your domination!

It’s likely that the anchor text will lead this to be ranked #1. The aim of this site is to educate the audience, as well as create a hub of content. Include a contact page with phone numbers and email.

Alternative brand site

For practicality, a single page on a related domain will work. For example, Danny Dover’s page on SEOMoz. This helps give context to what is being searched, and will give you search power as it is on a different domain.

Social media profiles

Use your real name rather than brand, as you will then get the SEO benefit. You get a great search benefit due to the power of these domains.


Doing interviews related to your brand will help fill in those last few spots. You can then also link to them from your brand sites.


Though this isn’t intuitive, bidding on your brand will allow you to control the ads on your SERP. This helps with your branding.