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Rand talks about how to get valuable links and white hat vs. black hat tactics.

Natural links through enterprise, content and news

  • People write about the company on their blogs

  • The company goes public and newspaper write about them

  • Someone gets injured or is upset with the product, and a video is put on YouTube

  • There are location pages for all the stores and Yelp and Yahoo! Local link to these.

All these are very natural methods to build links.

A company hires an SEO to build links

The SEO contacts a test link broker, buys and submits links to directories, does some email marketing and places links in comments on forums. While these tactics increases attention to the site, it doesn’t really add to its value.

A company hires an SEO to do link baiting and Social Media Marketing

The SEO team develops some great content ideas, and viral-worthy content is developed. The link bait is launched, and is submitted to social site and bloggers. Even if it makes it to the homepage of Digg, you still need to get the linkerati’s approval. If they approve, the site will rise in the SERPs. Using this will earn you links.