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In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand looks at how Facebook’s Open Graph will affect the web and SEO, and how it won’t.

Google’s “link graph”

The link graph shows a connection of links and pages, which forms the basis of the PageRank algorithm. Over the years, Google has begun to implement social aspects to their link graph, as well as usage data, link quality and many other factors.

Facebook’s “like graph”

The idea here is that the links between people are more likely to be authentic than links. Also, Facebook can see what we like on the web, as well as how we’re connected with people. If a friend likes or shares something, we may question whether we will too. The issue is that people don’t share everything on the web, so obscure and specific queries can’t always be answered socially. In this case, Google would be more helpful.

Basically, while Facebook’s Open Graph is useful, it’s not about to replace Google.