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Rand proposes these unique ideas as ways to build links:

  • Email companies praise for their products and let them know they can use it on their site as a testimonial. They’ll often link your name and company along with the testimonial. However, only do this for products or companies you genuinely like.

  • Get a really high quality web designer. If the designs are really good, they’re likely to be reposted on online design galleries, which will link to you e.g. CSS REMIX or Drawer or CSS Gallery. An added benefit of investing in web design is that it also improves UX which is something Google takes into account with rankings.

  • Make yourself a press ‘source’. Some quirky business idea will likely attract media attention and give you links on authoritative websites.

  • Turning raw data into a ‘story’ can make you into the referred to source for that data. This is great link and media ‘bait’.