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Never fear, Tom Schmitz is here! This week, he talks to Rand about his strategies if Yahoo! Site Explorer goes down, and Portent Interactive’s fancy new tool.

Yahoo! Site Explorer

What would happen if Yahoo! Site Explorer stopped functioning and we couldn’t access Yahoo!’s link data? Tom would back up data that he already has, then scrape search engines and websites for as much link data as possible, followed by comparatives to get ratios that he could use going forward. The problem with this is that it won’t last longer than a month maximum.

Pythia Analytics

This is a new tool from Portent Interactive. This tool will graphically show progress over time in the measures, such as from Delicious.  It is also all API based. How is this useful for customers? When you are trying to optimise, you can see if you’re growing on the benchmarks. If you’re growing on the benchmarks but not business wise, you can go back and check where you’re going wrong.