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What Happened?

  • In this update, it hit the “long tail”

  • Different possibilities

    • Indexing change

    • Link valuation shift

    • Phrase match shift

    • Authority site preference

Is My Site Affected?

  • Check Google referrals before and after the update – did they fluctuate dramatically? Then check if there is a pattern of your site fluctuating dramatically.

  • Look at the number of referrals, and where they are coming from.

  • Check the number of pages getting traffic.

  • Rankings – monitor the ranking on weird long tail content as well as head terms, for comparisons with other updates.

  • Indexation and crawling – is this the reason the number of pages getting traffic is down?

Next Steps

  • Look at your link quality.

  • Internal link structure – can you flow link juice from pages with a lot of link juice to pages with less?