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In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand talks about a common issue many e-commerce marketers face when user-generated content such as reviews or manufacturer required information means a lot of their websites content pages include mostly duplicate content.

Possible Solutions

1. Create a lot of unique content

Adding a generous amount of your own, unique content to the page that requires duplicate content can rebalance the page and bypass Google’s duplicate content filters.

2. Use iFrames for duplicate content so it’s not indexed by the search engines

3. Apply aggregation, visualisation and/or modifications to the duplicate material

If you are able to aggregate a bunch of duplicate content but in a way that adds unique value to it, Google will usually reward this instead of penalize this. A perfect example is Rotten Tomatoes, which aggregates a movie reviews (from around the web) and provides a rating for movies based on this aggregation.

Have you got heeeaaaps of page with dupe content?

You may have a large number of pages including duplicate content. If that is the case, Rand recommends employing the above tactics to pages on a priority basis e.g. most searched for pages or highest selling product pages are edited first.