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Nathan Buggia is Live’s Lead Program Manager for their new Webmaster tools. Here’s what he said when he sat down with Rand for a chat.

Live Webmaster tools

  • Currently targeted towards large and mid-sized brands currently.

  • In the future, there will be more to do with Business Intelligence and actionable data.

  • Any guidance and data provided will be relevant for all search engines

What’s the toughest part about building an engine?

  • Converting people to the engine.

  • Keeping ahead of the game and providing what users want tomorrow, today.

Dealing with paid links

  • Usually, Live will just ignore paid links and not pass value unless it’s crazy amounts.

  • The fight against paid links and spam isn’t so much an arms race as evolution on both sides.

How is Live building market share?

  • Build the best product that provides users what they want.