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In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand will help you find out if you’re missing out on opportunities in your long tail keywords.

How much do you currently have?

  • Create ‘advanced segments’ for each bucket – head, middle and tail term buckets.

  • Measure the quantity of keywords and visits in each bucket. Measure the quality with goals and conversion rates in Google Analytics. Browse rate can also provide useful information about visitors.

How much opportunity do you have?

  • Create Adwords/Adcentre paid search campaigns for your major ‘fat head’ terms

  • Target groups at both ‘exact’ and ‘broad’ matches

  • Measure quantities of impressions for ‘exact’ on the head vs ‘broad’ in the tail.

From here, you can see if you are doing a good job at capturing the long tail opportunities available to you, or if you’re letting them slide.