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This week’s Whiteboard Friday is a little different to usual. Rand has a roundtable discussion on plugging the leak with Ben, Nick and Lindsay.

The Problem

At some point, Google changed the way that pages flow juice. This means that now, you do not benefit from using Nofollow for one link on a page, as it does not increase the flow of link juice for the rest.


  • Don’t implement new Nofollows, but don’t go through and strip them from all your pages.

  • Possibly use iFrame references instead, though it could become a negative relevance.

  • Having too much Juice in your Domain can actually hurt you, so Ben’s idea is that Nofollow may be helping evaporate the hurtful part, which could be helping you.

  • Before going and making massive changes, tests should be carried out to check the effect of any of these solutions.