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“What alcohol conceals sobriety unmasks”

“What alcohol conceals, sobriety reveals”

A study shows that the latter phrase was more believable to most study participants. This is just one example of how the ease of digestion of information attracts people. The name for this psychological theory is the Human Fluency Bias. Fluency bias is not only specific to euphonics, it also affects perception of visual things e.g. attractive people on magazine covers are more likely to draw one’s eye.

The human fluency bias is important to consider in web marketing as taking this human fluency bias into account can influence the perception of somethings quality, trustworthiness and the likelihood that people will engage with it.

Examples of where fluency bias affects web marketing:

  • page speed loading time
  • aesthetic attractiveness of of layout
  • pronounceability of brand name
  • familiarity of UX – follow patterns of popular/common sites, tools
  • legibility of font and text
  • ease of discovery/shareability