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1. What Happened?

Examine how dramatic the shift in rankings is. Look at whether the first page is just reshuffled or full of sites that weren’t previously there.

Google also is changing it’s format in some ways with a carousel of search suggestions up the top or news results.

Consider these changes when taking a new strategy.

2. What is Google Saying?

Make sure to pay attention to what Google is saying about the updates they’re making. As well as official press releases, make sure to look at SEO forums and contact Google employees.

3. How has this Update Impacted my Ranking/Traffic/Visibility?

Look at your data to see how you’re placed in the new SEO landscape. Look at how your ranking position’s changed. Make this an unbiased search by entering This makes sure your results aren’t biased to your particular city.

4. What Actions, Tactical or Strategic, Should we Take?

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but accept it and keep complying with best practice SEO but examine the changes to consider if there are in fact things you can do. Consider whether it would be best to respond to the changes with tactics, or strategy.