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Today, Rand gives us a few steps we can take to increase the chances of our content going viral.

#1: The Right Format/UI/UX

  • Minimal branding

  • Content is above the fold

  • Compelling images

  • Professional design

  • Customised URLs

Get Buy-In from Influencers BEFORE You Publish!

  • Ask for feedback, not shares.

  • Get influencers involved in the content

Topic, Timing and Seeding

  • You want to publish the content at the spike of popularity of a topic, or just before or just after.

  • Use relationships to increase the sharing of the content, but it must be authentic.

  • Time the content – don’t release B2B on the weekend, but that’s the perfect time for Facebook. Friday mornings seem the best for Twitter. However, test everything to figure out what is best for you and your content.