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Sometimes you’ll have content which is older but you need to get ranking. Rand has these 5 tactics to make that happen.

Point More External Links to Your Existing URL

This works better with non-commercial content, as people will probably be more willing to give you the link. Rand suggests the best ways to get these links are through guest posting, promotions, partnerships, testimonials/reviews, list inclusion (high quality, not spammy link directories of course), press/blogs, social media pushes and link reclamation.

Increase Your Click Through Rate

If Google sees people are choosing to click your result over some that rank higher, it will suggest that yours is more compelling and is likely to reward you with a higher ranking for this. Ways to increase CTR:

  • Supplement with PPC ads – Rand suggests often, having an organic and paid result on one page, a little more than doubles CTR. Test this though.
  • Try modifications to your title/url/description which appears in the results
  • Add rich snippet data like videos/images/reviews to your listing

Improve/Re-vitalize On-page Content 

  • Use rich media – video, images, graphics
  • Improve design and UX
  • Make sure you have valuable and interesting content

Internal Links and Redirects

  • Make sure the content you’re trying to improve the ranking on is linked to on all internal pages where it is relevant to do so. Search the “topic of the page;” in Google and check all the relevent pages which come up have a link to the page on them.
  • Consolidate pages of duplicate information. This makes it easier to for Google to figure out which is the best page to rank and can really move the needle 

Branding, Co-Occurrence and Mentions

If your brand name is often connected with the keyword you’re trying to rank for this will improve your ranking.